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Text Adventures.
Interactive Fiction.
Mixed-Media Novels.
Choose-Your-Own Stories.

Whatever you call them, we're here to help you discover and create incredible, interactive narratives.

Questions? Comments? Looking for a second opinion on an important life decision? Drop us a line: We're always happy to help. 😄

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We had a thought. What if digital stories weren't trapped by the limitations of pen and paper? What if a novel had all the audio, visual and technical capabilities of a phone? What kind of new experiences would people create? How could we make it easy to build and share these new digital narratives?

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We quickly realized we weren't the first people to ask these questions. We were about 40 years late. But we thought about them long enough that we came up with some new answers. And then we got really excited about our new answers. So excited, that we quit our day jobs and wound all our solutions into a big ball of code and art and legal documents... we're calling it Yarn.

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